Vendor Friday – Workday

We see many organizations struggle with the selection of long- and shortlist software vendors, due to the lack of knowledge regarding the vendor, different perceptions, and the great variety in the vendor landscape. Therefore, we would like to help organizations in their decision-making process by introducing a blog. Every week, we will ask the same five questions to a different software vendor. 

  1. Can you describe the functionalities of your HR solution and in which countries you are active?

Workday has been widely recognized as one of the platforms that can cater to a complete HR and Finance team globally. Workday encompasses the following branches of HR without the need for any form of integration.

Workday’s goal as a platform partner in both HR and Finance suite is to serve our customers in their HR business need. Workday allows HR teams and executives to continuously plan, execute and analyse within one platform.

  1. What differentiates your HR solution from the competition?

Workday is uniquely positioned to help growing organisations with out of the box best practices in a standardized platform that can be configured by the client itself. Due to Workday’s global footprint, we can support Dutch organisations anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, every aspect of HR is covered within one solution without the need of integrations binding applications together. Because of this, the Workday platform is flexible to grow, expand & work with the business instead of being a possible brake on the organisations’ evolution. Workday is global at its core and local when needed.

We proudly see ourselves as an HR partner that shares best practices and maintains a lively HR community within the region and globally. Since every single one of the Workday clients is using the same platform, discussing configurations, best practices and helping each other comes natural within the Workday community.

  1. How would you describe the average organization that uses your solution? Are you active in a specific sector or size of organizations?

Workday is used by organizations ranging from 100 employees all the way up to large enterprises with tens of thousands of employees. Due to the standardized nature of our platform and it’s configurability, Workday is a great way to start with strategic HR out of the box whilst giving room to organisations to implement business processes and be flexible along their journey. Every one of our clients, big or small, receives the attention and support they deserve with a dedicated customer success manager. Currently, 75% of Workdays’ clients are medium enterprise clients ranging from 200 to 3500 employees.

  1. What does your roadmap in 2024 look like?

In 2024, new features will be released in both bi-annual updates. These focus on enriching the user experience by introducing and expanding Workday into their day-to-day business applications like Microsoft Teams & Outlook and Slack.

There’s a renewed focus on AI and machine learning in the world and since Workday has been leveraging these concepts since 2005 when Workday was founded. This year will bring generative AI capabilities to generate job descriptions, knowledge base articles, employee growth plans, and statements of work, and contract analysis and corrections. Another scoop is the Manager Insights Hub, a new solution within Workday Human Capital Management that delivers a simplified and elevated manager experience powered by AI.

  1. Which tip do you have for organizations that are looking for new HR technology?

HR technology shouldn’t be rocket science! Ideally, your HR team as well as your end users need to be able to adopt the system as easily as possible. Since employees are at the heart of any organization, you want to make sure to be able to cater to them in the present and in the future. This means partnering with a vendor that offers flexibility as well as capacity for growth and change whilst being on the leading edge of user experience.

When approaching an HR tech project, make sure the project team feels comfortable analyzing the needs of your organization as well as adopting best practices in the market. An HR tech advisory can be of great help when your organization needs structured guidance towards a well-educated decision on new HR tech technology!

Altogether, we hope that Workday’s answers to the previous five questions not only allow to paint a picture of Workday's qualities, but that is also functions as a form of guidance in the process of choosing a new HR system. The focus being placed on HR and Finance, Workday offers a customisable set of functionalities that is implementable both in the Netherlands and abroad. Their diverse and international client portfolio substantiates the beforementioned.

In conclusion, various reasons make it difficult to make the right choice of HR system in the crowded HR vendor landscape. Services HQ can offer support in choosing which system suits your organisation best, as we are one of the few digital HR transformation companies in the Netherlands that is vendor independent. Are you interested in this service? Let’s get in touch!


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