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We see many organizations struggle with the selection of long- and shortlist software vendors, due to the lack of knowledge regarding the vendor, different perceptions, and the great variety in the vendor landscape. Therefore, we would like to help organizations in their decision-making process by introducing a blog. Every week, we will ask the same five questions to a different software vendor.

  1. Can you describe the functionalities of your HR solution and in which countries you are active?

Nmbrs' functionalities are all aimed at making it as easy, user-friendly and efficient as possible for the user. From HR professional to payroll administrator. Because of Nmbrs' close-knit culture, the software is always evolving, as all employees are constantly looking for the latest trends and eager to respond to market needs. For example, last year we developed several additional features to offer the entire HR suite, from performance management tool to recruitment and a personal AI assistant specialised in answering all questions around payroll taxes. And that not only makes Nmbrs users happy, but also saves mountains of time. Time you can better use to focus on what really matters: the employees. Below, we have listed some of our most used and most efficient functionalities, for both the HR professional and the finance manager or payroll administrator.

HR workflows

Within HR, it is essential to run the various business processes as efficiently as possible. That is why we have developed HR Workflows. Choose a system workflow for tasks such as hiring a new employee or create your own custom workflow.

Digital signing

Digitally sign all generated documents within your Nmbrs environment or in the browser. This feature simplifies the process and avoids the problem of 'print, scan and e-mail'. Documents are no longer left lying around waiting for a signature. You can simply handle your work directly online.

Nmbrs Hire (Add-on)

Nmbrs Hire offers a streamlined workflow for all your recruitment activities. You have a clear overview of each candidate's progress and can easily adjust the status.

HR signals

Nmbrs sends automatic notifications to everyone involved in the organisation, from CEO to HR and other employees on the shop floor. As a result, contract renewals, milestones and HR tasks are never overlooked again.

GDPR Wizard

Nmbrs has different employee types, such as 'Ex-employee', 'Ex-external' and 'Rejected applicant'. With the GDPR tool, you can quickly see whether the retention period for specific data of these types has expired. The tool makes it easy to delete this data as soon as necessary.

Employee Self Service

Nmbrs offers two login types for employees the Employee Login (ESS) and the Payslip Viewer (ESS). This allows employees, via computer or smartphone, to view their personal details, payslips and leave anywhere and at any time. Employees can also request leave and/or submit expense claims.

Nmbrs Perform (Add-on)

Give employees a boost in their development. With Nmbrs Perform, employees, managers and HR discuss goals and development. From personal plan to 360 feedback.

Payroll Run Checker

All payroll changes are automatically checked against a checklist with 190 checks. This prevents you from acting in violation of Dutch labour laws.

  1. What differentiates your HR solution from the competition?

At Nmbrs, we think it's important that you enjoy doing your job. Wherever in the world. By offering a user-friendly software that helps you organise your daily work and gives you signals at the right time, you never miss an important milestone or deadline. Log on to your Wifi network from the lobby in another country and start your day with Nmbrs, you are not bound to an installation on your laptop because the software is cloud-based. You can compare it to your photos in the Google drive or ICloud.

Get started straight away

Are you going to start using Nmbrs? Then you can do so almost immediately after the basic set-up. Choose a responsible party (this goes per level and certain rights of privacy-sensitive information, such as designating the manager). Are you done with that? Then numerous workflows are already ready for you so you can start working right away.    

A complete HR and payroll product in one

What most distinguishes us from the competition is that we started as a payroll product 20 years ago. Only in recent years have we developed at breakneck speed as an HR product, and this is reflected in the growth of Nmbrs! Not only in the growth of HR users but also in the product itself. Besides the basic functionalities that characterise almost every HR software, we are developing further than our competitors. As mentioned earlier, we continue to develop according to market needs, making the integration of payroll and HR a valued product for HR professionals. We understand that payroll is not easy. That is why we developed the interactive payslip. A payslip where you immediately see the effects of the change you make, for example a bonus, 13th month or a change.

The mobile app for the employee (ESS)

Why make things difficult when they can be easy? Let employees enter important data themselves in the employee app, which saves you overtyping work and the employee extra time. In the app, the employee can also request and view pay slips, annual statements, declarations and leave. So you give the employee control and insight into the most important information.

Take a look at the functionalities list or watch the videos about our product.

  1. How would you describe the average organization that uses your solution? Are you active in a specific sector or size of organizations?

The answer is simple: at Nmbrs, we focus on organisations between 50 and 500 employees who want to work efficiently and independently. Our users are HR and Payroll professionals who use smart tools to involve employees in HR processes. As a result, you spend less time on adminsitrative romslop and have more time for your employees!

  1. What does your roadmap in 2024 look like?

In 2024, we will focus on the user experience of the Nmbrs user. Where Nmbrs is the platform to start your day and start with the tasks that have priority. Besides being a spider in the web in the HR software yourself, it is also nice if you can give a colleague tasks when you go on holiday. In the new year, we will also focus on better peer collaboration. Besides continuing to improve accessibility and service, we also want to focus more on making all the information that is important to the HR team more accessible. Such as being fully aware of all employees in the company. And updating legal changes in the product as well as registrations that affect salary. So that you always comply with the latest laws and regulations.

Besides focusing on improving the product and user experience, we continue to integrate with partners. So that you never have to leave your favourite software to get started with Nmbrs. Meanwhile, Nmbrs already integrates with 150 integration software, from personnel planning to accounting.

  1. Which tip do you have for organizations that are looking for new HR technology?

Before you start looking for a new HR software/technology, it's nice to have a list of your personal preferences. What do you value most? Which functionalities do you use (or want to use) on a daily basis. And especially: what goals do you have in the future that the technology can grow with or even help you in? Last but not least: what do you want to spend on it?

Many software companies offer a certain package based on user preferences. Nmbrs does things slightly differently; with us, you pay per payslip. Whether you want to do payroll in the product or not, you just get it. That's nice, right?

Do you have the preferences, conditions and wishes of your new HR software in mind? Great! Feel free to ask one of our Nmbrs experts about it and book a meeting at your convenience. Take a look at all we have to offer in the full list of functionalities.

Altogether, we hope that the answers of Nmbrs to our signature set of five questions not only allow to paint a picture of their qualities, but that is also functions as a form of guidance in the process of choosing a new HR system. Nmbrs, a true people-minded company, focuses on organizations between 50 and 500 employees with their users being HR and payroll professionals. Besides their software being user friendly for employees, it is also user friendly for their users due to the fact that Nmbrs integrates with 150 integration software that range from personnel planning to accounting.

In conclusion, various reasons make it difficult to make the right choice of HR system in the crowded HR vendor landscape. Services HQ can offer support in choosing which system suits your organisation best, as we are one of the few digital HR transformation companies in the Netherlands that is vendor independent. Are you interested in this service? Let’s get in touch!


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